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Since the early 1990s, I’ve been happily working with books and with paper — alone and with others.


I enjoy making tiny books and zines. I also love making paper bowls. I attach threads of text to their inside walls. I think these bowls have a lot in common with books.


And what about content? The central themes in my work are the central questions in my life. How do we shape a day, a week, our communal life? How can we participate in, what Jewish people call, "the repairing of the world?"


My work can be found in public collections, on kitchen bulletin boards, and in the occasional handbag. I have been recognized with a Minnesota Book Artist Award for my body of work and contributions to the book arts community, and supported by the MN State Arts Board, the Jerome Foundation, and the McKnight Foundation. I feel grateful for it all.

About the image: Paper vessels made by former class participants at a MN Center for Book Arts workshop.

* Making Simple Paper Lanterns and Vessels

Saturdays: January 18 + 25

at MN Center for Book Arts

Learn the skills to make simple lanterns and vessels with handmade paper. The techniques taught in class are designed to allow you to continue making work at home or during Open Studio sessions at MCBA.

About the image: This lovely memoir was made by Lindsay Galbraith who participated in my Book + Paper class at Augsburg University.

* Content Development for Small, Handmade Books

6 Wednesdays: March 4 to April 8

MN Center for Book Arts

Explore ideas for mini memoirs, “how to” zines, and small books that carry poetic or philosophical questions or threads. Look through samples, then make two or three simple books that are either complete or will serve as sturdy drafts for future work. Techniques are taught with inexpensive tools and materials so that you gain skills to later make small books at home.


For further information and to register for a class, check out MCBA's website under Papermaking and Design + Content Classes, respectively.

Some other workshops in my repertoire:

* Charting an Artist Practice

* Zine Making in a Nutshell

* Shaping and Making Mini Memoirs

Augsburg University Faculty Exhibit, past and present

January 13 to February 18

(More info to come, including info about the reception)

Interfaith Artists Circle

founded by the Jewish Women Artist Circle

Our group combines study and art. We select spiritual themes, invite religious leaders and other scholars in the community to teach us, and then create artworks inspired by our studies.

The group includes women from a diversity of faith: Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, Quaker, Buddhist, and Muslim.


Our current theme is Visual Prayer. For this I am planning a new vessels project.

Exhibits are planned for the Jewish Community Center in May and the University of Minnesota in fall.
(I'll post more information when it is available.)