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Tiny Books, Big Ideas

"These little books are just the right size to keep handy in pockets, purses, cars and rooms."

They are usually stocked at the marvelous shop at Minnnesota Center for Book Arts. Once at the MCBA shop site, you can search for my work using my name, Regula Russelle.

Here is the text of a favorite tiny book:

Reasons for Art

"to awake the living"


"to comfort the dead"


"to know migrations of seasons, of birds, of fish"


to feel the essence of shadow and light


to laugh, to love


to lament

to invite reflection


to inspire action


to honor the Earth


to cultivate beauty, gratitude, joy


to knit an expanding web of community


to give voice


to touch


to connect


About a decade ago, I heard a radio interview with artist, Mary Frank. She described a list she keeps of her personal reasons for art. Since then, I have assembled many lists of reasons for art — with students, with Michael, and alone. The first three lines of this particular list are Mary Frank's. She inspired us all.


Tiny Book Titles:


with a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye

Advice from a Bird

with a poem by Yvette Nelson

Big Project Manifesto

a collaboration with Monica Edwards Larson

Gospel in a Nutshell

with a poem by Alla Renée Bozarth

The Double Meaning of Yield

with a poem by Yvette Nelson

Reasons for Art

Tiny Zine Titles:

(these, too are for sale at MCBA's shop)

Charting an Art Practice

Zine Making in a Nutshell

A Patch of Heaven:

a tiny memoir about place