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democratic multiples
out in the streets

Each year I work on some projects — bookmarks, tiny prints, and the likes — that go in uncomplicated ways out into the streets.

My thinking about audience shifted about a decade ago, after working with my friend and colleague, CB Sherlock, and two awesome interns, Anna Boyer and Jennifer Sanford, on the Kinship Circle Project. Together, we hand-printed and shared nearly 5,000 mini Prints that contained portraits and poems on city living, improvisation, and a sense of “we.” (with gratitude to the Jerome Foundation who made our project possible)


Here is one of the poems from our prints:


. . . So here are my instructions: Eyes,
do not dry up. Lungs, breathe deep,
give strength to shouts and songs.

And you, my heart, you have a lifelong task
to be a gate. Closing. Opening.
No matter what, no matter who

demands to be let in. You are only
the gate. No judgement, no questions,
no fear, my heart, but courage.


— Ilze Klavina Mueller

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