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"The world should be making many more books and zines! Let's spread zine love far and wide."


Zine is short for Magazine

They are usually:

* non-commercial

* handmade

* inexpensively produced

* and often quirky

Charting an Artist Practice

 suggests ways of mapping:

* Work's Purpose

* Culture and Community

* Daily Practice

Zine Making in a Nutshell

is a tiny how-to guide on zine making

A Patch of Heaven:

a tiny memoir about place

Making Hand-made Mini Memoirs

Making Mini Poetry Books

Art Practice Basics

Some Musings on Movement and Change:

Dailiness, Practice, Centering, Paradox

Some Musings on Movement and Change:

Tools, Intention, Metaphor, Knees

All zines are usually available at the marvelous shop at Minnnesota Center for Book Arts.

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