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Hope in Uncertain Times

Over the span of several months, I studied the theme of Hope During the Pandemic as a member of the Interfaith Artist Circle. During this time, scholars and religious teachers visited with us to share their knowledge and thinking.

My new zine is a brief record of my learnings. Click here for the free zine, and here for instructions on how to fold and make an 8-page zine.

When Rabbi Kravitz asked “What is your image of hope?” the only words that came to me were a Quaker saying, “Way will open.” But how can that be visualized?

I settled on the image of a murmuration.

Characteristics of a Murmuration:

~ hundreds and sometimes a few thousand birds move together into uncertain territory


~ each bird relates to the seven birds most nearby


~ in this way, they form a dynamic, cohesive whole as if they become a new being

( like music, like a line dance )

~ like voices finding other voices

~ like hands finding other hands

You might wish to check out MPR NEWS; Swooping Starlings in Murmuration.

’I’ve also made a cut paper lantern meant to evoke, in a modest way, the wonder of a murmuration. This works best when the lantern is placed on a sunny window sill. There, the changing light casts shadows and creates movement over time.

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