Don’t let your sorrow

come higher than your knees  

     — Swedish Proverb


​The Art of Social Connection

A tiny zine of art practices during quarantine and other times of 

undesired isolation


I started on Day 3 of our Minnesota statewide stay-at-home order. Working on it gave me joy.

Click here to download copies Folding instructions are included. If you don't have a printer, send me your address and I will mail you one.

A Free QuaranZine

Habits of the Heart 

Did you know that Europeans use only one-half as much energy as we Americans do?  . . . that In the US about 2/3 of our energy use is under individual control?


Habits of the Heart is a tiny, friendly invitation to embrace life style practices that help mitigate climate change.


Click here for copies of the zine. For instructions on how to fold (and make) an 8-page zine, click here.

Together with friends from my Transition Town group, I’ve placed over 7,300 of zines like these into peoples hands at coffee shops, the neighborhood food co-op, and community events and hubs!

Free Sustainability Zines
Free Visual Prayer Zines

This keepsake zine contains a tiny selection of the Interfaith Artist Circle's Visual Prayer Project. Click here to download copies.

. . . and another free zine

A Handful of Lessons Touching on the Theme of Hope in Uncertain Times. Click here to download copies.

Instructions on How to Make and Fold an 8-page Zine

Click here for copies.